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In Modu Food Service, we believe that our strength comes from fulfilling the needs of our customers, whether they are consumers, small businesses, corporations, or franchises. Our approach involves a relentless commitment to providing the freshest ingredients, maintaining unwavering quality, keeping up with trends, offering tasteful flavors, enriching experiences, and being cost-effective. Our passion is fueled by our customer’s satisfaction, driving us to excel in what we create and serve. This customer-centric focus is the heart of everything we do at Modu Food Service. 


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Grounded in real filed experience, we manage operations with high efficiency and maintain superior quality.


Our dedicated production team of over 70 members proudly produces more than 200,000 pounds of products each month.

Research & Development

Our team of professional chefs and food science engineering specialists is committed to developing products that precisely meet your needs.

Quality Control & QA

Maintaining high-quality products is the key to our manufacturing pride.

Our Certificate

Verified from Public Certificate

Modu Food Service holds certifications from the USDA, FDA, and CDFA, meeting the highest standards of quality and safety. These certifications attest to our products and practices maintaining the utmost level of quality and safety. We continually strive to adhere to these standards, ensuring we provide only the best to our customers.

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Modu Food Service champions innovation, pioneering technologies and ideas that define industry standards for excellence and efficiency.


Emphasize the superior quality of your products or services and your commitment to prioritizing customer satisfaction.


Focus on showcasing examples of how your company has built trust by consistently delivering dependable results and services over time


Demonstrate your efforts and commitment to operating your business in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner.

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What we use

Our Equipment Lists


Dough Machine


Forming Machine

Xiaolongbao Machine

Tumble Chiller

Sachet Sauce Packer

Soup, Sauce Packer

Brazing Pan

Agitator Kettle

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The Modu Food Service team excels in its field, driven by a blend of expertise and dedication. From experienced management to research and development specialists, professional chefs, food science engineers, and quality control experts, every member works in unison to craft premium products tailored for each customer. Boasting a team of over 70 devoted professionals, we are deeply committed to upholding the highest quality in our products, a commitment that each team member embraces with pride in their work.  

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Production Team

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R & D Team

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Sales & Marketing Team

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